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Pre-Integrated FPGA Engines from Silicom

In today’s smartphone and IoT reality, networks must be able to handle almost unimaginable volumes of data – and this is creating a whole new level of performance challenges. As a result, a growing number organizations now recognize the need to add acceleration technology to the standard processor cores in their next generation designs.

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The low latency adapter that offers more than just low latency networking

Silicom Denmark fbSmartNIC family offers a truly unique approach to high-performance, low-latency networking in the financial services market. The fbSmartNIC family offers unmatched latency performance while enabling users to add IP blocks such as market decodes and filtering into the on-board FPGA, providing critical hardware preprocessing of market data feeds. Plus, additional IP blocks or user code can be added to incorporate more of the trading stack, including complete order book or algo trade processing.

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The rapid growth of broadband applications calls for fast and efficient network data capture solutions

Silicom Denmark has a complete line of high performance capture solutions, operating from 1Gbps to 100Gpbs with zero packet loss. Advances in FPGA technology enable a new paradigm for application acceleration with ultra low latency.

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Advances in FPGA technology enable a new paradigm for application acceleration from 10GE to 100GE at line rate

Optimal price-performance ratio and flexibility given by the programmability make modern FPGAs the perfect choice for tackling today’s high speed communication system challenges like in mobile OSS/BSS.

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