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Industries we serve

Our cutting-edge FPGA-based cards and IP solutions offer accelerated IPsec capabilities. This empowers you to achieve fast data transmission, optimize network efficiency, and seamlessly connect users across the globe. By offloading low-layer communication tasks from the host server, our solutions free up valuable server capacity, allowing it to focus on critical workloads.
In the automotive industry, we revolutionize innovation by providing FPGA-based solutions that enable autonomous driving, advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS), and in-vehicle infotainment. Our cutting-edge products enhance vehicle safety, intelligence, and connectivity through seamless sensor integration for autonomous driving capabilities. We work closely with automotive partners to ensure widespread adoption and market impact.
Our FPGA-based solutions revolutionize healthcare by empowering advancements in medical imaging, genomic sequencing, and personalized medicine. With faster and accurate diagnostics, we enhance patient care. Additionally, our technology enables seamless data collection from medical equipment and accelerates real-time graphics presentation.
In the financial industry, our FPGA-based solutions optimize high-frequency trading, risk management, and algorithmic processing. We enhance speed, accuracy, and reliability, enabling robust financial systems. Our offerings also address regulatory requirements like MIFID2 by providing accurate time stamping for traffic recording and efficient storage management.
Industrial Automation
We empower industrial automation with FPGA-based solutions for precision control, real-time monitoring, and intelligent decision-making. Our offerings drive operational efficiency and productivity, while also providing synchronous Ethernet and low-latency wireless connections for seamless communication.
Our FPGA-based solutions play a pivotal role in optimizing power generation, distribution, and smart grid solutions, actively promoting sustainable energy utilization. By incorporating protocols such as PRP (Parallel Redundancy Protocol) and PTP (Precision Time Protocol), we enable efficient energy management, grid optimization, and enhanced reliability. Through our contributions, we strive to foster a greener and more sustainable energy industry while ensuring robust and precise communication within power systems.
Internet of Things (IoT)
We enable seamless connectivity and data processing for the IoT industry by delivering FPGA-based cards and IP solutions. Our advanced offerings support various IoT applications, including smart cities, smart homes, and connected devices, ensuring enhanced efficiency and reliability. Leveraging quality of service (QoS) agreements with network suppliers, our FPGA technology enables efficient network slicing, optimizing connectivity for different IoT devices.
In the broadcasting industry, our solutions empower high-quality video streaming, efficient content distribution, and enhanced viewer experiences. By enabling low latency and exceptional video quality, our solutions revolutionize the way content is delivered. Moreover, our technology offloads the host server by efficiently managing low-layer communication, freeing up valuable server capacity for critical workloads.

Technologies we drive

Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Our FPGA-based solutions accelerate AI inference, neural networks, and machine learning algorithms, facilitating faster and more efficient AI processing. This empowers your business to harness the power of AI technologies, elevating decision-making capabilities and operational efficiency. Leveraging FPGAs, our solutions enable heterogeneous computing, seamlessly integrating CPUs, GPUs, and other components. By accelerating complex computations and minimizing processing time, we foster innovation across diverse fields, driving transformative advancements.
Image and Video Processing
With our FPGA solutions you get exceptional acceleration capabilities for real-time video encoding, transcoding, and high-resolution image processing. This results in significant enhancements for video streaming, surveillance systems, and image analysis applications, ensuring the delivery of superior visual quality. Additionally, our solutions enable the utilization of advanced computer vision algorithms, unlocking new possibilities in the field of image and video processing.
Cryptography and Security
By using our FPGA-based solutions, you get high throughput data encryption and robust protection against cyber threats. Our advanced security measures ensure the integrity and confidentiality of your data, offering reliable and tamper-resistant solutions. By leveraging our unhackable FPGA-based technology, we provide a secure environment that safeguards sensitive information from unauthorized access and potential breaches.
Wireless Communication
Silicom FPGA based solutions are at the forefront of driving advancements in wireless communication technologies, particularly in the realm of 5G. Integrated with high precision timesync capabilities, our solutions seamlessly integrate server offload and simplified deployment processes. This empowers your business to leverage the full potential of 5G, ensuring enhanced connectivity, efficient data transmission, and streamlined network performance.
Data Centers
At the forefront of data center optimization, we provide FPGA-based cards and IP solutions designed to accelerate storage and network processing. Our solutions enhance data center performance, elevating data processing capabilities and facilitating efficient cloud services. By harnessing the power of FPGAs, our solutions enable heterogeneous computing, seamlessly integrating CPUs, GPUs, and similar technologies. This enables our solutions to accelerate complex computations, significantly reducing processing time and fostering innovation across diverse fields.
Edge Computing
Our FPGA-based solutions unleash the potential of real-time data processing and low-latency applications at the network edge. By strategically positioning computational power near the data source, we facilitate accelerated response times, minimized bandwidth utilization, and elevated AI inference capabilities. Our offerings enable seamless integration of edge devices, fostering enhanced performance and unlocking new possibilities for efficient and intelligent computing at the edge.
Embedded Systems
We support the advancement of compact and energy-efficient embedded systems. Our FPGA-based products are specifically designed to enable high-performance processing, seamless connectivity, and customizable solutions, thereby driving innovation in the embedded systems field. These solutions find applications in network monitoring, network security, network performance testing, and traffic recording boxes, as well as Ethernet traffic analysis, empowering your organization with enhanced network capabilities and insights. “

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