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5G/4G/3G User Plane Data Sourcing

Today’s mobile networks are challenged by the increasing amount of subscriber data traffic. All parts of the network are under pressure. The mobile core network is revolutionizing the connectedness of its subscribers and is also taking on fixed line and Wi-Fi connectivity. This is partly driven by the explosive growth of bandwidth needed for video and media, but also IoT and autonomous cars are growing factors.

For QoS and monitoring solutions relying on analysis of the mobile network traffic, including control or user plane analysis, this growth is equally an ever-increasing challenge. Being able to analyze the data while preserving subscriber association and segmentation on the fly, is a daunting task to solve in a CPU based solution. Correlating all the different traffic tunnels per subscriber on-the-fly is quite simply not economically feasible on Server / CPU systems due to the enormous traffic load.

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Mobile OSS/BSS

Operational Support Systems (OSS) are used by communication service providers to perform network planning, network provisioning, service fulfillment, and service assurance. In addition to improving the efficiency of planning and operations teams, OSS contribute significant financial benefits to a service provider’s overall CAPEX and OPEX network equipment budgets.

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