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Accipiter Systems is a US (Pittsburgh) business, incorporated in 2002, that specializes in computer networking solutions that deliver results in real time for edge applications. Accipiter Systems is providing Platform PCIe-based components and solutions to solve the unique data needs of demanding applications for commercial and government and university customers. We are committed to enabling simplified, high-performance platform solutions that harness the benefits of the Platform PCIe system interconnects.
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DesignGateway's partnership with Silicom brings forth the cutting-edge TOE100G IP solution, complemented by Silicom's PacketMover technology and FPGA cards. This collaboration offers a powerful combination for high-speed networking applications, providing accelerated data transfer and enhanced performance. The TOE100G IP solution and Silicom's PacketMover enable seamless integration, boosting data storage, networking, and security systems.
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BrnoLogic specializes in custom design and development services for FPGA-based projects, focusing on high-speed network packet processing at link speeds up to 400 Gbps. Their DYNANIC solution, in partnership with Silicom Ltd., utilizes FPGA cards to bring FPGA technology closer to software companies, enhancing performance and efficiency in Cloud and Data Center environments.
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Request information for: IP Partners

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