fb2CGhh@KU15P – Down-sizing with the same powerful capabilities

Copenhagen, July 2019

fb2CGhh@KU15P 100G Dual FPGA CardThe fb2CGhh@KU15P is the smaller version of fb2CG@KU15P, optimized for dense environments where the footprint of the products matters, but performance cannot be compromised.

The card features the same Xilinx Kintex UltraScale+ KU15P, for the best balance of performance, power and price, in a smaller form factor.

The card features 8 GB DDR4 ECC RAM, which is less than its larger sibling. It is an optimization for the applications of the target deployments, reducing cost and power consumption. This allows for the smaller form factor keeping the same high performance of the FPGA. The card is low profile and half length, but still offers the x16 lane PCIe slot.

fb2CGhh@KU15P features 2xQSFP28, both wired for supporting 100GE. This also allows for using the ports 8x10GE, 8x25GE, 2x40GE, 2x50GE, in addition to 2x100GE.

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