Design Gateway Co., Ltd. Is provider of IP solutions, with expertise in logic design and development. They offer a comprehensive array of IP cores, catering to various high-performance and low-resource applications on FPGA, including NVMe, SATA, TCP/IP, UDP/IP, and EMAC. Furthermore, their specialized Application Specific IP cores (AS-IP) address needs in Algorithm Trading, Security, data analytics, and searching with low latency. Backed by ready-to-use reference designs and outstanding customer support, Design Gateway stands as the ideal partner for FPGA IP solutions. 

The Solution: How TOE100G-IP makes complete solution on Silicom´s Packetmover and FB2CGHH@KU15 card?

TCP Offloading Engine IP core (TOE100G/40G/25G/10G/1G-IP) is the epochal solution implemented without CPU. Generally, TCP processing is so complicated that expensive high-end CPU is required. TOE100G-IP built by pure hardwired logic can take place of such extra CPU for TCP protocol management. This IP product includes reference design for Xilinx FPGA. It helps you to reduce development time.

DesignGateway provide free demo file for Xilinx FPGA boards. You can evaluate TOE-IP on real board before purchasing.

TOE100G IP & Silicom’s PacketMover Block Diagram

Notable Features & Implementations

Use-cases with TOE100G-IP

TOE100G-IP is the best solution for the system which has to process big data with minimum time.

Multi-channel HD video streaming

Autonomous driving development system which consist of multi channel of Camera, Lidar, Radar and sensors

Medical scanners such as MRI and PET scan

“Working with Silicom has been a game-changer for us. Their FPGA cards have significantly boosted the performance of our custom designs, taking network packet processing to new heights."

Sam Smith CEO DesignGateway

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Request information for: DesignGateway

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