fbC4CGg3 – Quad Port Capture Card – unprecedented port density with 16x10GE

General Details

fbC4CGg3 – Quad Port Capture Card – unprecedented port density with 16x10GE

The Silicom Denmark fbC4CGg3 quad port capture card offers an unprecedented port density for network connectivity and line rate capture with zero packet loss and hardware packet processing. The card supports multiple speeds in the same hardware, incl 16×10 GE links. Support for 4×25GE, 4×40GE and 4×100GE can be customized.

The fbC4CGg3 dual capture card is based on cutting edge Xilinx FPGA technology, providing packet filtering, advanced processing, traffic management, load balancing and host offloading mechanisms.

This high performance hardware platform connects using QSFP28 modules and performs packet processing, while delivering a sustained throughput to host memory of up to 112 Gbps. The use of QSFP28 cages also allows use of QSFP to support 16x10GE using breakout cables can be customized. For any long or mid-term installation, using breakout cables is simply an alternative installation step.

16×10GE in one PCIe card is ideal for monitoring load balanced or redundant networks, without having to use fully parallel monitoring systems. And this is at the same cost as monitoring only the primary links.

The advantage of having this high port density is that with a single PCI card you can connect to many networks to filter or aggregate the traffic and pass on traffic to host or relay via the Tx parts of the connectors. Using the Tx connectors allows the deployment to function as a packet broker while also performing capture and application acceleration on the host system.

In many deployments using a 16×10GE card, can eliminate the dependency on expensive 3rd party packet brokers or aggregator devices. Hereby also reducing the management cost and complications of keeping configuration of shared system deployments in sync

The card uses a single-slot PCIe solution through a 16-lane PCIe slot to enable effective traffic management and load balancing also in NUMA environments.

The card comes with active cooling, a sturdy PCB and a braced FPGA, avoiding the risks associated with PCB vibration and transport.

Key features
fbC4CGg3-16x10G – Quad Port Capture Card
  • 16×10 Gbit/s Ethernet, IEEE 802.3
  • 107 Gbps sustained capture to host
  • 16-lane PCIe Gen3
  • Precision timestamping
  • 6.4 nano second resolution
  • Microsecond latency
  • Hardware filtering and traffic distribution
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