FPGA Card - Programmable PCI Express Server Adapter Based on Intel FPGA Arria 10 GX/GT

General Details

fb1C1XLG@A10 – Programmable PCI Express Server Adapter Based on Intel FPGA Arria 10 GX/GT

The fb1C1XLG@A10 series is a high performance OEM hardware platform intended for 10/25/40/100 Gigabit Ethernet via QSFP+ and QSFP28, two PCI Express Gen3 x8 lane endpoints.

The card based on the Intel FPGA Arria 10 and Fortville Ethernet Network Controller XL710 dual port 40G with all its features as a leading controller in the market.

The card is also offered with a variety of different FPGAs to provide flexibility for the intended application. The card is mounted with 8 x DDR4 devices running up to 2400MT/s, total memory 8GB, one device DDR4 1Gbx8 running up to 2400MT/s and one QDR-IV 144Mb density 18-bit data channels, running up to 1066 MHz.

Technical Info

Host Interface:

  • Physical bus connector: 16-lane PCIe
  • PCIe bus type: 2 x 1-8 lane PCIe Gen1/Gen2/Gen3 with bifurcation
  • Network Virtualization offloads for VXLAN and NVGRE
  • Unified Networking Providing a single wire for LAN and storage: NAS (SMB, NFS) and SAN (iSCSI, FCoE)
  • Virtual Bridging Support – VEPA/802.1Qbg, BPE/802.1Qbh
  • Physical Functions – Up to 8 per port, up to 16 per device
  • Support for 128 Virtual Device Queues (VMDq) per port
  • Hardware Queue Pairs – Up to 1.5K (non-RDMA); up to 256K (RDMA)
  • Virtualization – Alleviating hypervisor I/O bottlenecks by providing flow separation for Virtual Machines (VMs)
  • Receive Side Scaling (RSS)
  • Large Send Offload (LSO)
  • TCP/UDP/IP/SCTP Checksum Offload
  • IPV4, IPV6

Network Interface:

  • IEEE standard: IEEE 802.3 10/40/25/100 GE
  • Physical interface: 1xQSFP+, 1xQSFP28
  • Supported QSFP+/QSFP28 modules: including fan-out modules for 4x10G/4x25GE, Multimode SR4 (850nm), Single Mode LR4 (1310nm),
  • Multimode LRM4 (1310 nm), or Direct Attached Copper (Twinax)
  • Data rate: 8×10 Gbps, 4×10 Gbps+4×25 (FPGA GT only), Gbps, 2×40 Gbps, 1x40Gbps+1x100Gbps (FPGA GT only)
  • Support Sync-E standard (optional feature depending on FPGA image)


  • Upload of FPGA configuration to flash via PCIe
  • USB Blaster II on Board
  • Serial Configuration EPCQ-L device memory size of 1Gb , using Active Serial x4 configuration mode

On-Board Memory:

  • DDR4 – 9 x devices on board of 8Gbx16 each DDR4 device, running up to 2400MT/s
  • QDRIV- 1x device 144Mb density 18 bit data channels, running up to 1066 MHz

Board Management:

  • Voltage level monitoring
  • Thermal shut-down protection
  • Over current protection on 12V input

General Technical Specifications:
Interface Standard: PCI-Express Base Specification Revision 3.0 (8 GTs)
Board Size: Standard height short add-in card 167.65mm X 111.15mm (6.6”X 4.376”)
PCI Express Card Type:
x8x8 Lanes Bifurcation
8-Lanes to Arria 10 GT/GX
8-Lanes to XL710

Note: Can be plug only in 16xPCIe slot

PCI Express Voltage: +12V ± 8%
On Board Connector Voltage +12V ± 8%
On board auxiliary power connector to support power over 75W
PCIe Connector: x16 Lanes
FPGA: Intel FPGA Arria 10 900/1150 GT or GX
• See ordering information about types Arria 10 GX/GT
Ethernet Controller: Intel Fortville Ethernet Controller XL710-BM2
Memory: Onboard DDR4, 2400MT, total memory 8GB
Onboard QDR-IV, 2132MT, 144Mb (4Mx36)
Holder: Metal Bracket
Weight: 350g (12.34oz) With Passive Heat-Sink and without optical modules
Power Consumption: Maximum 130W
Maximum 124W (Without XL710 Fortville device)
• The total power consumption of the card is depend on user application
Cooling: – Passive heat sink or active heat sink solution
– Built-in thermal protection
Sensors/Monitors: – Thermal protection
– Voltage monitors
– Current protection
Operating Temperature: 0°C – 45°C (32°F – 113°F)
Air Flow Requirements: • Depend on type of heat sink and user application
Storage: -40°C–65°C (-40°F–149°F)
Regulation: CE, FCC Class B, ROHS 2 requirements.

LEDs: Each QSFP Ports has 4 LEDs
LEDs location: LEDs are located on the PCB, indication visible through light pipe
Connectors: (2) QSFP28 Cages
(1) Auxiliary 12V power supply connector on board
(1) Mini-USB Type B connector, located on front of panel for on board USB Blaster II interface
(1) On board right angle JTAG connector 8 pins (custom) for FPGA


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