FPGA Card - Programmable PCI Express Server Adapter Based on Intel® Arria 10 GX/GT FPGA

General Details

FPGA Card – Programmable PCI Express Server Adapter Based on Intel® Arria 10 GX/GT FPGA

Silicom’s Cardiff/8 Intel/PSG FPGA Accelerator server adapter is based on a high performance Arria10 GT/GX, FPGAs.

Key features

Host Interface:
• Physical bus connector: x16 mechianincal, x8 lane PCIe

• Upload of FPGA configuration to flash via PCIe
• USB Blaster II on Board
• Serial Configuration EPCQ-L device memory size of 1Gb , using Active
Serial x4 configuration mode

On Board Memory: ( optional)
• DDR4 – 9 x devices on board of 8Gbx16 each DDR4 device, running up to 2400MT/s
• QDRIV- 1x device 144Mb density 18 bit data channels, running up to 1066 MHz

Board Management:
• Voltage level monitoring
• Thermal shut-down protection
• Over current protection on 12V input


Interface Standard:

PCI-Express Base Specification Revision 3.0 (8 GTs)

Board Size:

Standard height short add-in card 167.65mm X 111.15mm (6.6”X 4.376”)

PCI Express Card Type:

8-Lanes to Arria 10 GT/GX

Note: Can be plug only in 16xPCIe slot, future re-spin will change to x8

PCI Express Voltage:

+12V ± 8%

On Board Connector Voltage:

+12V ± 8%
On board auxiliary power connector to support power over 75W

PCIe Connector:

x16 Lanes


Intel® FPGA Arria 10 900/1150 GT or GX
• See ordering information about types Arria 10 GX/GT

Memory: Optional

Onboard DDR4, 2400MT, total memory 8GB
Onboard QDR-IV, 2132MT, 144Mb (4Mx36)


Metal Bracket


350g (12.34oz) With Passive Heat-Sink and without optical modules


– Passive heat sink or active heat sink solution
– Built-in thermal protection


– Thermal protection
– Voltage monitors
– Current protection

Operating Temperature:

0°C – 45°C (32°F – 113°F)


-40°C–65°C (-40°F–149°F)


CE, FCC Class B, ROHS requirements.

Leds Connectors:

(1) Auxiliary 12V power supply connector on board
(1) Mini-USB Type B connector, located on front of panel for on board USB Blaster II interface
(1) On board right angle JTAG connector 8 pins (custom) for FPGA

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