The quest for ever increasing system performance is propelling the adoption of FPGA technology in Network Interface Cards (or NICs). As the network speed has been increasing from 1GE to 100GE, FPGAs have proven their ability to process massive amounts of network traffic in real-time and bring a level of determinism and consistency that is not possible with other technologies.

fbSmartNIC product family

The Silicom Denmark fbSmartNIC product family has the most comprehensive selection of programmable Ethernet cards designed to competitively enhance performance in a host of networking, financial and big data solutions. The fbSmartNIC consists of highly optimized functionality well suited for e.g. financial algorithmic trading platforms where sub-micro second latency is crucial.

The complete transport layer offload can be combined with customized logic interacting directly with the Silicom Denmark network cores. This is an efficient way for the advanced user to achieve even lower latency and to implement any filters or acceleration that are necessary for a specific application. The Silicom Denmark solution comes with a full Software API for a seamless integration and monitoring.

All fbSmartNIC products are supported with our hand-optimized SDK and device drivers which allow our customers to start developing their high-performance applications right out of the box. Layers 3 and 4 network capabilities are provided using our own industry-proven MAC and TCP/IP solutions. The fully integrated offering makes Silicom Denmark a true one-stop solution provider and helps customers save on development and total cost of ownership.

Silicom Denmark cards are available in variety of form factors and support 1G to 100G Ethernet network speeds, both Xilinx and Intel FPGAs, latest generation of PCI Express host interface, and a variety of memory configurations suitable for most applications.

For more information on our products and how we can produce targeted features to meet specific application requirements, please contact us.

PacketMover FPGA Acceleration

FPGA framework for simplifying development and integration of offload functions, acceleration, and applications for up to 100GE networking

SmartNIC Financial Framework

Comprehensive selection of programmable Ethernet cards designed to enhance performance in a host of networking, financial and big data solutions

SmartNIC Protocol Parser

Protocol Parser FPGA IP Logic Block for HFT Applications