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Accipiter Systems is a US (Pittsburgh) business, incorporated in 2002, that specializes in computer networking solutions that deliver results in real time for edge applications. Accipiter Systems is providing Platform PCIe-based components and solutions to solve the unique data needs of demanding applications for commercial and government and university customers. We are committed to enabling simplified, high-performance platform solutions that harness the benefits of the Platform PCIe system interconnects.

Our partnership with Accipiter Systems opens a new dimension in the use of Silicom SmartNICs. The innovative use of PCIs technology, bringing it “out of the box” caters for unparalleled performance in clusters for both high-volume data source processing as well as real-time AI applications. While we’re working diligently on our full partner integration, please feel free to explore more about Accipiter Systems by visiting their official website: 

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Notable Features & Implementations

Use-cases with TOE100G-IP

TOE100G-IP is the best solution for the system which has to process big data with minimum time.

Multi-channel HD video streaming

Autonomous driving development system which consist of multi channel of Camera, Lidar, Radar and sensors

Medical scanners such as MRI and PET scan

“Silicom has the necessary solutions to solve complex data problems at the edge. Our organization is excited about the momentum this partnership has generated and look forward to providing innovative solutions to demanding customers."

- Dan Flynn (President and CEO)

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Request information for : Accipiter Systems

Request information for: Accipiter Systems